Our Mission:

Through a systematic and thoughtful approach, NTHFY will provide the resources and support necessary for pregnant and parenting teens in crisis to repair, restore, and rebuild their lives

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A community where all children and families have access to the necessary supports and resources to thrive

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By the year 2020, 100% of the pregnant and parenting teens served will have achieved stability and self-sufficiency in the Greenville, MS area

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Pregnant and parenting teens face the challenge of meeting not only their own developmental needs, but also the needs of their children.

How We Help

NTHFY will accept clients who are 13-21 years of age and pregnant and/or parenting a child under the age of 4 years old. Services provided include housing; clothing; food; mental health assessments; individual, family and group counseling; education and employment opportunities; recreation; transportation; medical and psychological care.

24 Hours / 7 Days a Week

A live-in Resident Advisor will be on staff 24 hours 7 days a week. NTHFY represent more than just a roof and beds; we are committed to building a solid foundation for every pregnant and parenting teen that come through our doors. After each individual is evaluated, they may stay up to one year while securing safe place to live outside of NTHFY.

Our Purpose

NTHFY’s overall purpose is to ensure each mother establishes successful independence, such as acquiring and maintaining a safe environment for themselves and their children and to supply all mothers with the necessary workforce and communication skills that will give them the opportunity to become a responsible parent and role model to their child. An individual plan is developed to assist each mother with safety and support prior to leaving NTHFY.

Community Involvement is Important

Pregnant and parenting teens face the challenge of meeting not only their own developmental needs, but also the needs of their children. Being a teenage parent is one challenge that will have a considerable impact on a young person's life and is associated with a number of adversities.

The role of NTHFY is to understand the shared and individual needs of young parents and to develop services that respond to these needs. Through collaborations with the community and other organizations, NTHFY will be able to impact the lives of our youth through education/training, childcare, legal information, and mental health services. The consequences of pregnant teens are not isolated to mothers; their children are also affected.

This is why services and support for pregnant and parenting teens are so crucial. Becoming a parent before reaching full education and employment means a harder life for the teen and their child. For young women, and their children, NTHFY offer opportunities to empower them on their journey toward independence. Parenting is one of the most important and demanding responsibilities a person will ever have.

Through the programs at NTHFY, young mothers will receive the tools and training to help them become responsible adults, parents, and community members. We accomplish this by networking with other agencies in our community to meet the individual needs of our young residents and their babies.

Are you pregnant and age 13 to 21?

Do you need housing and support during your pregnancy? Are you wondering “What do I do now?”

Maybe you’re worried about being able to feed your baby or afford a doctor for your prenatal care. If you are desiring or in need of support during your pregnancy and up to one year after birth, Nurturing Transitional Home For Youth provides free, long term housing, with 24 hour support, to young mothers experiencing homelessness for any reason.

We Can Help


Your donations will help us provide the resources needed to make sure we inspire, encourage and motivate these young ladies to do their best, inspite of their existing circumstances. Whether you give $10 or $1000, you can trust that it will be used to enhance the lives of these young, single mothers.

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