Nurturing Transitional Homes for Youth needs the support of the local community to make sure we can have the resources needed to help support these young, teen mothers.

It is our goal to give them the best stay possible, with access to emotional support, encouragement, inspiration and life skills that help them go beyond their circumstances.


Wish List

We're forever grateful for all In-Kind donations that we receive. They help us making sure we have the items needed so that our home is stocked and prepared for their stay.

Know that you're investing in the life of a young mother who really needs your support. It's much appreciated by the board and staff at NTHFY.


Are you pregnant and age 13 to 21?

Do you need housing and support during your pregnancy? Are you wondering “What do I do now?”

Maybe you’re worried about being able to feed your baby or afford a doctor for your prenatal care. If you are desiring or in need of support during your pregnancy and up to one year after birth, Nurturing Transitional Home For Youth provides free, long term housing, with 24 hour support, to young mothers experiencing homelessness for any reason.

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