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Nurturing Transitional Home for Youth offers service to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, mental or physical handicap. Diversity is welcomed, and no one is refused because of inability to pay. We accept pregnant young women and young women who are with infant.

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Safety for all residents is a number one priority. Therefore, potential residents of Nurturing Transitional Home for Youth will be denied if certain criteria is met.

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Access Denied If

  • Currently/recently suicidal (within past 60 days)
  • Current/recent assault incidents (charged, yet unresolved)
  • Current drug/alcohol use
  • Refusal to submit to Urine Analysis (UA)
  • History of sex offender behavior, fire starting or animal abuse

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Are you pregnant and age 13 to 21?

Do you need housing and support during your pregnancy? Are you wondering “What do I do now?”

Maybe you’re worried about being able to feed your baby or afford a doctor for your prenatal care. If you are desiring or in need of support during your pregnancy and up to one year after birth, Nurturing Transitional Home For Youth provides free, long term housing, with 24 hour support, to young mothers experiencing homelessness for any reason.

We Can Help


Your donations will help us provide the resources needed to make sure we inspire, encourage and motivate these young ladies to do their best, inspite of their existing circumstances. Whether you give $10 or $1000, you can trust that it will be used to enhance the lives of these young, single mothers.

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